Social & Digital Marketing

Your brand is the single most important thing in business. Brand is what wins.

The internet continues to commoditize everything around us. Everything you do can be sold or done cheaper, quicker, and easier by someone else on the internet.

It is your reputation, your reviews, your brand, that plays in the end.

Our digital marketing services will help you build your brand online and create a reality where you stop chasing leads and let them come to you. If you’re not online, you’re losing revenue.

Social Media

Once upon a time, brands needed gatekeepers like newspapers, magazines, television, and radio to connect with their customers. The internet, however, changed that dynamic, almost overnight.

Through social media, brands can now directly connect with customers without having to rely on traditional media. This connection is a powerful way for your business to speak directly to prospects and customers.

St. George Design’s social media marketing strategies will help you create a strong brand presence, leading to more devoted brand advocates that will help drive more leads and sales.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing involves creating organic content on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest as a means of achieving your marketing and branding goals.

St. George Design can help you drive engagement with your potential and return customers through text and image updates, videos, and other content on your social platforms. It’s free to use and in today’s marketing landscape it’s the best way to connect your customers with your brand.

Whether you’re new to social, or an old hand just looking to spend more time on your business and less time posting, we can help you grow your brand on social.

Paid Social Media Advertising, generally known as Digital Advertising, is a service we specialize in too!

Digital Advertising

We’ve managed millions of dollars in ad spend for our clients and we use that experience to guide you through the labyrinth of digital advertising, helping you find the best platforms and best strategies to connect with your customers and turn them into raving fans.


What is Digital Advertising?

Scroll through your social media feed for more than a few seconds and you’ll see an ad. Unforunately, most of the time, they’re for national advertisers or a few niche markets and products. Most local small businesses don’t take advantage of the opportunities social media advertising presents.

And the opportunities are abundant. Digital advertising can provide your small business with leads, clients, customers, sales, and revenue. Provide people with enough value online and they’ll flock to your brand and become raving fans.

With the laser-like targeting capabilities of digital advertising, you can be certain your business is only spending ad dollars on potential customers. If you sell dog toys, for example, you want your ads in front of dog owners. We can help you make that happen.

We’ll help you choose the right platform, the right content, the right value proposition and build a winning strategy. From there, we’ll help you execute your strategy, discover what works best for your businesses and scale it up.

We’ve got decades of combined experience in digital advertising and we’re ready to put that experience to work for your business.


We’ll take over the heavy lifting.

Maybe you lack the bandwidth, or you don’t want to waste hours and hours learning each platform through repeated trial and error. You’ll save time and money having St. George Design managing your advertising campaigns.

Content Creation

You can’t create great social media posts or digital advertising without great pictures, engaging video, and words that capture your audience’s attention.

Our decades of experience in all of those creative endeavors will be at your disposal when you partner with St. George Design. We’ve won awards for our work and are happy to show them off anytime but your campaign should be about your brand and what it can do for your customers. This isn’t about us.

And your content shouldn’t be all about you, either. Content should benefit the end-user, not just try and sell them a product. That’s how you build a brand.

Provide value to your potential customers, give them tips and tricks, ideas for saving money on their next project, life hacks, make them laugh, tug at their heart strings.

Great content increases your brand’s connection to the world, attracts leads, creates brand ambassadors for your company, and in the end, helps your company reach its full potential.