Photography & Videography

The Key to any Marketing Campaign is the Visual


There is perhaps no more important element to a website in this day than the photos and video. Think about the last website you looked at, and usually the first element that your eyes go to are the photos or videos.

That is why St. George Design is prod to offer an on staff photographer who is available to create the perfect visual for your website masterpiece. Our photography is available as part of any website initial design or any redesign process and once taken those photos are yours to keep for any other marketing purposes.


Videography is also important for your website. While not included in our basic website packages, video can be added depending on the length and details of your project. St. George Design of course will take care of all the backend work of setting up the shoots, the locations and integrating the video or videos into your website.

Do you already have videos to use on your site? Thats ok too, let us incorporate those videos into the design of your site. Online videos are a great way to show your customers more about your product or service.

St. George Design can handle most shorter videos and simple jobs, but for the more complex and longer videos, we have partnered with Stax Studios, a local Southern Utah Videographer who specializes in great business videos.