About St. George Design

For over 10 years, St. George Design has been providing businesses with web design and digital marketing services.

We are Marketing, Design, and Digital.

St. George Design was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing web design and digital marketing for small, local businesses. We realized many small business owners want to do more when it comes to creating and maintaining their online presence, but aren’t sure where to start without breaking the bank.

That’s why we began offering our web design options partnered with our custom-tailored digital marketing strategies. This allows small business owners the freedom to choose the level of service that suits their needs.

We’re the “sweet spot” between handing your digital reputation to a teenager who knows his way around SnapChat and a high-priced advertising agency costing you tens of thousands of dollars a month to have on retainer.

We provide you the opportunity to focus on growing your small business and serving your clients while we handle your online presence.

Affordable Solutions with Spectacular Results!

Websites Built
Business Helped

Everything You Need to be Successful

St. George Design is your full-service marketing firm specializing in web and mobile design, custom graphic design, along with digital and social media marketing. We provide all types of marketing and design services including custom web sites, shopping carts, real estate marketing, business cards, brochures, photography, videography, and flyers. We’re professional, easy to work with, and have a proven track record of satisfied customers.

St. George Design's Mission

We will work with you hand-in-hand to create your vision while providing our direction and experience. While some designers and agencies only want to hear from you via e-mail, we want to talk one-on-one with you. We will regularly sit down with you to discuss your project and marketing strategies. Bringing your vision to life, building your brand, and supporting you in growing your business is our main focus.

Founding the St. George Design Vision

St. George Design was founded by Adam Rue, a graduate of Southern Utah University in the Communications and Marketing fields. After working as the director and manager of marketing for several large companies, Adam decided to put his years of experience to work for himself and for other businesses in need. With his years of marketing, web design, and graphic design experience, Adam set out to create a business that offers the best design and products without a gigantic price tag. When you call, you’ll be working directly with Adam to build the best marketing product possible.

Expanding St. George Design's Portfolio

In 2019, St. George Design added the talents of Jud Burkett to the team. Also a graduate of Southern Utah University, Jud holds a Masters in Professional Communication, and brings decades of experience to the table. He spent 20 years working as an award-winning professional photojournalist, a reporter, and an editor prior to expanding into a career in marketing.

Jud has managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets, including oversight of digital and social advertising along with SEO budgets that were in excess of six figures. His jouralism experience in content creation, coupled with his experience in digital and social advertising are a few of the talents he brings to the digital and social advertising efforts with St. George Design.

We want to create a long-lasting business relationship that mutually benefits both St. George Design and your small business. We’re not in this for the short haul. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, and let’s schedule a meeting. After all, you’ve got money to make!

Give Your Business What it Deserves

Get the results you want with effective web and digital based marketing created locally right here in St. George, Utah.